Talent 4 You!

Can art, interpreted in all its forms, be the way to resolve conflict?

Starting with your world view, we are curious to see how your idea could be the tool to see beyond differences, find resources to overcome difficulties or for you to tell us how obstacles can be overcome.

The frame of reference

Through this idea competition, we are interested in discovering together what it means to experience CONFLICT. What ways can we tackle it? How can we negotiate our view of reality with the world outside us?

Conflict can be understood as an obstacle, a difference we are unable to overcome, an opposition, between world views that do not seem to agree with one another, to the point of being mutually exclusive. Sometimes conflict is generated by the tension between who we are and who we would like to be.

How many endless ways can there be to resolve it? Could your idea be the tool to do that?


Your idea can be expressed in any form: a comic strip that tells us about new worlds, a work of art (a painting, photo, sculpture), a story or theatrical subject, a song, a recipe that unites worlds and cultures, a tailoring object, an app that bridges distances, a game or video game that teaches how to overcome conflicts or provide new interpretations of the reality around us, or in any other form you want to express yourself!


The contest is aimed at all the students in their last two years of high school.
You can take part as an individual student or in a group (max. 3 people per group).


Until December 15, you can submit your design idea to participate in the ideas competition by filling out the form found on this page.

You will get all the supporting materials to take part when you enroll.

The winners – announced in January 2022 – will participate in a mentoring program to develop their idea. They will get the opportunity to meet with leading figures in the fields of art, psychology, sociology, and geopolitics in the spaces of the ABF GlobaLab.

The meetings will culminate in a travel experience in April 2022.