The 2021-2022 ABF GlobaLAB Experience

Here we are at the first stage in our journey. The ABF Foundation’s participation in Talent4you began by chance and it was also by sheer luck that we were able to win. Yesterday our journey ended, yet I believe we still have much to tell and experience together. Our journey tells you about us, our ideas, the relationships that have been formed, even with people who were strangers until that very moment. 

It seems like a difficult, almost impossible choice to bring together teenagers with different personalities and hobbies to create a group that is not afraid of expressing themselves, of listening to themselves, but above all, to each other. We have grown, we have put ourselves out there, challenging our limits and understanding that in our own small way we are the voice of change. That we do not need to be adults to be grown up, all it takes is to be listened and understood. So, this journey – as I like to call it – represents an opportunity for those who have the need to talk about themselves, without judgment, without fear, without limits and restraints. We were each other’s teachers. We learned that music brings together even those who, like me, can’t sing. That our personal experiences make us the people we are. That our “selves” can be challenged, that others have a world to tell us about, yet it is often not even observed or is considered unimportant. 

This is what the “ABF GlobaLab” project was for me, a journey that has just began that has challenged me so that I have learned to truly believe in my dreams because they are my goal. That you don’t need to have something to say because starting by digging deep inside yourself is already a long and difficult story that almost no one really knows the ending to. 

Participant in the 2021-2022 Edition of “ABF GlobaLAB”